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Terms and Conditions

Check List:

  • - Ensure passenger names are correct, as on ID or Passport.
  • - Check & reconfirm Departure time directly with the Airlines for all departures.
  • - Airport Check-in closes 3 hours before departure.
  • - Must carry a Photo ID and or Passport for Domestic Flight.
  • - Carry a Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of travel.
  • - Ensure valid VISA for transit and destination countries.
  • - Flight cancellation or change within 24hrs contact Airlines directly. - Belair “Terms & Conditions”, apply.

Airlines Fares are dynamic and may change, at the time of Ticketing, depending on the booking class availability and the Fare difference as applicable will apply.

1. Passport & VISA

  • Passport must be valid 06 months on the date of departure & till the return flight.
  • Customers are responsible to have VISA’s for Transit & Destination countries.
  • As, all flight bookings are done at the discretion & selection of the flights, Belair cannot be held responsible for off-loading or denial of Travel by the Airline or Immigration, irrespective of any irregulatories overlook by the passengers.
  • As International Tickets are being booked Online, Belair has no means to ascertain your Visa requirements.
  • Passenger must consult the VISA requirement for all transit & destination countries, before booking International Tickets.
  • Belair is not responsible, if Airlines or Immigration deny Travel.
  • Passengers must carry printed e-ticket with Passport – Photo ID to Travel.

2. Boarding

  • A boarding pass is a document provided by an airline during check-in, giving a passenger permission to enter the restricted area of an airport and to board the airplane for a particular flight. At a minimum, it identifies the passenger, the flight number, and the date and scheduled time for departure.
  • Belair will be in no way responsible for the Airlines, denying Boarding Pass or Boarding the flight, to meet with the safety, security at the discretion of the Airline and the VISA requirements of the embarking, or Transit or Destination country, for lack of any Travel documents and VISA.

3. Flight Changes & Re-Booking

  • Flight date Change request or cancellation must be confirmed by E-mail to hdq@belair.in & also Re-confirmed on phone to our Customer Support +91-11-42521000.
  • Airlines Rules, Tariffs, Penalties & our Service fees apply for all changes, re-routing or refunds.
  • Convenience fees, Transaction & our Service charges are applicable
  • Discounts, Promo Discounts, or Airline Special Discount shall be deducted / recalled.
  • Cancellation of Domestic or International flights within 24 hours, after 6 PM, must be done with the Airlines directly, and advise us the Cancellation no. for processing any Refunds.
  • Requests by What Sapp or SMS or on any other media not accepted.
  • In case of 'Web or Tele Check-in' the bookings cannot be changed or cancelled, the customer must contact directly with the airlines, only at the airport.
  • Flight bookings not cancelled before 24 hours, in advance are treated by the Airlines as “NO SHOW”, and not eligible for Refunds.
  • Name change or corrections are subject to Airlines Rules and charges with our service fee.
  • Belair is not responsible in any way for Flight cancellation or Re-schedule.
  • No refund applicable, after the expiry of the ticket validity.
  • Once Tickets issued, all Airlines cancellation, refund fees apply with our service fees.
  • Any Unutilized or 'No Show' Tickets, full cancellation & our service fees apply.
  • Refund of Partially Un-utilized Tickets is done only by the Airlines with their processing time up to 3 months.
  • Belair shall not be responsible for any compensation, for flight bookings/cancellation, before or after flight bookings, or Refunds / Loss for flight booked on any source.
  • Flight bookings selected & booked by the passenger, Belair cannot be held responsible for denial or off-loading by the Airline or Immigration for reasons of VISA’s, incorrect documentation, or in-correct selection of flight

4. Cancellation & Refunds

  • Booking Cancellation must be done 24 hours before Departure.
  • Cancellation & Refunds request must be sent only by E-mail hdq@belair.in
  • Belair required minimum 7 working days or more for processing Refunds.
  • In case of 'Web or Tele Check-in' the bookings must be changed or cancelled by the passenger with the airlines, at the airport.
  • Bookings not cancelled are treated as “NO SHOW” & airlines Refund rules apply.
  • For any Natural disaster or cancellation of flight, Belair will not be responsible for any compensation or refund. Contact airlines directly.
  • Any loss, due to noncompliance of VISA transit & destination regulation, will be the customers’ responsibility & Belair will not be responsible for any loss of cancellation charges.
  • Refunds, if permitted, can be only processed by Belair.
  • For Cancellations made with the Airline, advise airlines staff & Ref. no. for any refund.
  • Refunds are subject to airlines cancellation, refund, no-show, penalty rules & Service Fees.
  • For Refunds, service fee &bank charges apply.
  • Refund can only be paid to the original Credit – Debit Card holder or Remitter.
  • Partially Used ticket Refund, airlines Cancellation, Refund, Penalty, Rules with banks & our Service fees apply.
  • Any discount, rebates or Promos, bank charges are deducted and re-called. For Refunds, customer is required to provide documents for Airlines.
  • Meal, priority seat or any special services charges are Non-Refundable.
  • Part Refunds are subject to approval and confirmation by the airlines.
  • In case of Medical or Death of passenger or immediate family member, refunds are subject to airline rules and at their discretion.
  • Taxes are non-refundable.
  • No refund would be payable after the expiry of the ticket validity.

5. Unutilized Travel Booking

  • Ticket once issued, cancellation, refund and all other fees apply.
  • Cancellation and Fees’ apply for Unutilized or 'No Show' Tickets
  • For all Refunds or cancellation our Service & Airline Cancellation charges apply.

6. Disclaimer

  • Company will not be liable for any direct, indirect loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind caused, due to any reason, including flight delays, cancellation, disruption or any cost or losses incurred by the passenger while traveling.
  • Customer must check the name, flight details, departure & arrival times, and mobile no. on the ticket.
  • Belair is a facilitator to provide easy, convenient access to reservations and online ticketing, for and on behalf of the airlines and are not responsible for any deficiencies or loss by the service providers.
  • In the event of any airlines discontinues its operations, Belair will not be responsible and accountable for any customer refunds.
  • Belair will not be responsible for any airlines delay or defaults or incase, Airline may not authorize refunds for any reasons.
  • Cheaptickets.in cannot be held responsible for any loss of baggage or valuables on any airlines services.
  • Company does not guarantee the services offered by the service provider on this website.
  • Belair will not be held responsible for any losses or actions by any authority to passenger.

7. Jurisdictio

  • Any disputes of any of Services, Payments, Claims, Consumer redressed are subject of Delhi Jurisdiction only.

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